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Let's Be Better Together

I still remember the first time I drove through the community over 15 years ago. It was a Sunday morning, and many neighbors were returning home from church. I will never forget the smiling faces and waving hands from house to house. That is the spirit of the Applegate community that captured my heart.

Our community has faced many challenges, and I have shared the same despair and concerns as many of you. As a resident of Prince George’s County, I am very much aware of resources that we need in our neighborhood to make us better. 

In December 2021, after briefly retiring from public service, I decided it was time to stand up and do more for my community. Becoming an appointed Director on the Board was only the beginning, as I spent time learning our governing laws and completing training with the County, while also taking the time to meet with and listen to the community.

After many years and countless changes, I still believe in Applegate. It is my hope to strengthen and serve this community where my kids were born and raised. I will strive to serve the best interests of all with an open ear and a fair mind.

As a longtime public servant, community volunteer, and business owner, I know the true value of service to others. My vision is to reinvigorate Applegate and build the kind of community all our kids can be proud of.

"It's time to reinvigorate Applegate."

-Bernetta Reese, Board President and CEO

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Select an image to download my resume and training certificate.


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